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Car Maintenance is a crucial aspect of any person in his life because the huge amount will be paid to buy the car and if it is not maintained properly, there will be no use of investing in it. And people feel to maintain car it too time-consuming and difficult but it does not just follow what our experts tell.

We neglect Car Maintenance only because we think that the car has no life, but even then it does not consist of life it has its limitation to be taken care only when it functions as you required. And it is expensive to buy the parts as well so it is advised instead of going for new one to buy there are many Used Auto Parts locators will be available online, you just need to contact them and they will advise.

Car Maintenance Checklist

There are 3 Types of Car Maintenance Checklist

a) Short-Term Checklist
b) Long-Term Checklist and
c) Seasonal Checklist

a) Short-Term Checklist

* Check Air Filter
Your Engine will work effectively only when the Air filter is taken care because the air blow into the engine through Air filter, if some particles, dust goes inside along with air it damages the Engine working properly and indirectly shows the result in emission of the fuel, so it is advised to be changed for short term.

* Check Oil and Coolant Level
It is most important that to check Oil and Coolant level because if it is not maintained, it will affect your engine by heating up then your car will have problems even sometime it may lead to accidents with fire.

* Check Tire Pressure and Tread Depth 
Check tire pressure every month, mainly while traveling with heavy luggage and for safety purpose carry an extra tire with you, during the cold seasons the tire will drop almost 10-degree pressure. Thread Depth is normally checked through penny method, using a penny you can figure out the depth change from time to time.

* Check Brakes, Headlights, Turn signals and Parking light
Checking these are very simple and the most important too, check the brakes moving the car slowly and for brake lights ask someone to stand behind and watch the lights are working or not. Before going somewhere it takes a few seconds to check indicators and parking light which will avoid accidents.

* Waxing is Essential to Avoid Rust
Even the car maintenance requires waxation every 6 months or so because it prevent rusting and other factors like dust, sand, and UV rays. It also extends the life of paint too.

b) Long-Term Checklist

* Check Spark Plugs
Spark Plugs are the power to an engine, so it must not be neglected otherwise it loses the power and pickup will be decreased. It is recommended that you check with experts than manually checking.

* Check Your Shocks and Struts
For any car steering is important if you are losing the control or not able to handle smoothly, then you are having a problem with shocks and struts.

* Check Transmission Fluid
Transmission fluid is also similar to the engine oil, it helps to the running parts inside the transmission.
Whether you are using auto transmission or manual transmission to avoid the damages it is more essential to be checked up.

* Check Serpentine Belts
You may feel its just a piece of rubber why we need to focus on it? The peripheral devices like power steering pump, air conditioner compressor will require the power if belt becomes lose it affects the whole system, and even find any cracks or tears of the belt because if anything goes wrong in the middle of the road it will be a problem of controlling the car. 

* Check Whether your Coolant fluid is exchanged
Check the coolant fluid is changed regularly to keep your engine cool and see the manual of your car how often fluid has to be exchanged or you can ask for experts.

c) Seasonal Checklist

*Check Car Battery Performance
Your car battery will supply huge power to the starter and other electrical parts of the car, the extreme temperature may affect the battery performance and life, help it is important to check regularly.

* Check the Windshield Wipers

It is normally recommended to change the wiper blades once in a year and while parking in the winter if the area is like frozen type then keep away the wiper away from the windows to avoid building up of ice. 

* Check the Alignment of Wheels

The wheels of the car should be aligned properly both left and right side equally, normally not necessary for new cars but based on how you drive rare chances will be there slightly change in the alignment may cause you damage.


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